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Dec. 1st, 2013 | 09:22 pm
posted by: yuilhan in colormeuntitled

name: moni
bias: chen !! ((and second bias is lay))
otps: chenlay aha
other fandoms: i like other kpop groups but i don't really consider myself part of the other fandoms? I'm super biased towards exo tbqh
what i like to write: hmmm i like writing fluff but i always end up writing angst by accident so ? I'm not very picky about my genres. also chenlay i write lots of chenlay
requests: please don't ask bc i never really know if i'll have time to write or not ;; i'm open to ideas but i can't promise they'll get done aha
contact: livejournal is yuilhan and my tumblr is im-wat-chen-you.tumblr.com ((but it is currently roasting-chensnuts-by-the-fire.tumblr.com for the holiday season)).

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