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WIP Meme

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Dec. 14th, 2013 | 12:00 am
mood: sleepysleepy
posted by: nim_hwa_neul in colormeuntitled

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

1. The majority of the townspeople were either spiritual, religious or just firm believers in the supernatural.
2. Baekhyun had plenty of friends but none of them did things like suck bruises on his neck or stroke his thighs until he craved for something more.
Jongdae’s fatigue was increasing with each shaky step but he tried to convince himself that if he walked long enough then he would become a ghost and his pain would just melt away.
4. The doctor put on her serious face, void of any smiles or playfulness, “Kyungsoo are you ready to talk about how you lost your ears?”

5. Kai had a thing for hair- or rather, he had a thing for Kyungsoo’s hair.
6. Besides the fact that Minseo rode her bus at all, Lu Huan honestly wouldn’t give it up simply because of those boobs.
7. Luhan wanted to just dream the rest of the journey away, but without the cryo sleep, it proved to be rather difficult.
It was a strange practice and he got his fair share of skeptical looks, but those who dared to try it always left satisfied.
9. “Ah you must Chuntao,” The man strolled over and offered his hand (instead of pulling her into an awkward hug, like she had been expecting).
Who exactly is Kim Junmyeon?
11. He knew that sucking face with a random man wasn’t love, but he feels as if it’s the closest he’ll ever get to it.
However, his sudden (no matter how subtle) flirting seems to frighten Lu Han rather than enlighten him.
“Chanyeol, which do you like better-“ Baekhyun pulled out two tubes of lipstick, “Stained Pink or Berry Rich?”
14. Luhan stared at the paper as he crossed out the first objective with a shaky hand.
Minseok was violently, and rudely, awakened by a hard slapping against his cheek and a panicked voice yelling in his ear.
Kyungsoon didn’t care if she sounded cocky- she wanted to know where Jungeun was going with all this.
Wufan stayed still for a moment longer before bringing his hands up to caress Junmyeon’s cheeks which were rosy from his little giggle fit.
18. He could feel the other members side-eyeing him and wanted to scream in frustration- it wasn’t his fault that this was happening.
19. No matter if he was moaning or gasping or just screaming Zitao’s name, his voice made it all come together in a lovely song.
20. Lu Han didn’t ask any more after that- not because he understood but because he knew that he would never understand.
And when Minseok finally was cuffed to the headboard with his puppy sleep mask over his eyes and Luhan’s mouth working wonders on his neck- he couldn’t bring himself to mind at all.
22. “It only takes one wolf to kill a man, Red.”
Sometimes you may even forget what you’re waiting on but in the end you never fail to remember.
24. “Just because you’re closest to him doesn’t mean he wants to hand you his ass on a silver platter.”

25. Jongin rifled through all of Kyungsoo’s papers, noticing how the older boy’s normally pristine handwriting had turned into chicken scratch.
26. Kris squeezed the blowfish-shaped stress toy like his life depended on it, which is sorta did.

I honestly forgot about half of these.
This does not include anything started for the writing challenge.
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