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The Next Step

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Dec. 1st, 2013 | 10:49 pm
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posted by: nim_hwa_neul in colormeuntitled

Pairing: Chanyeol/Sehun
Rating: G
Genre: fluff-ish?
Words: 990
Summary: Sehun is ready to take the next step in his relationship with Chanyeol.
Warnings: none half assed and poorly edited
a/n: Day 1 of this challenge. "A character becomes pessimistic during the story."

The café was very warm and comforting, a sharp but welcome contrast to the icy winter weather. With a cup of hot chocolate in hand and chocolate chip muffin nearby, Sehun felt totally relaxed. Across from him, Chanyeol seemed equally relaxed, if not more so. It was the perfect time to break some thrilling news.

“I want you to meet my parents today.”

Chanyeol promptly begins to choke and Sehun makes a mental note not to give him any thrilling news while he’s drinking.

“Are you- are you serious- Sehun? Like r-really serious?” Chanyeol said between coughs. He looked skeptical- scared even. Sehun thought it was cute.

“I’m serious hyung.” And he was. Serious and very excited.

“Today though?” Sehun nodded and the older boy groaned, hands covering his face as he slumped in his seat.

“…You don’t want to?” He didn’t expect Chanyeol to be super thrilled but he wasn’t expecting this reaction either.

“It’s not that I don’t want to.” Chanyeol rubbed his face a bit and sighed heavily. “It’s just- why today all of a sudden? Why not some other weekend after you’ve warned me a week in advance?!”

“This is the only weekend that will work. Winter break is about to be over and once it is you’ll be too busy to do this properly….” Sehun knew that it was bad to throw something like this on his boyfriend on such short notice but he would have given him a proper heads up if Chanyeol had the time to actually listen. Even during break it was mostly about work, work and more work for him. Sehun was left feeling horribly lonely but he understood.

It was all in preparation for Chanyeol’s new life after all. In just a few months, he would graduate and go off to college, leaving Sehun to finish another year of high school before he could do the same.

“But- what about your parents? I’m sure I can’t just come over unannounced saying that I wanted to meet them.”

This is the part that Sehun actually felt a little bad about. “I kind of…already told them that you would be over today….”

Chanyeol stared at Sehun in shocked silence. Sehun bit his lip, waiting for Chanyeol to get angry and tell him off or something similar. Instead, Chanyeol squeezed his eyes shut and began to whine.

“Sehunnie, I can’t meet your parents! They’re going to hate me!”

“Why do you think-“

“Because! You’ve told me about your strict parents! What are they going to think about their future lawyer of a son dating an amateur musician? You said it yourself that they don’t care for the ‘artsy types’!”

“That doesn’t mean they won’t like you. They don’t understand art but that doesn’t mean they hate it.”

“What about the fact that I’m two years older than you?”

“My brother is dating someone four years older than him.”

“But! What about the fact that I’m a guy! That should be the biggest problem!”

“They’ve known about my sexuality since the end of middle school. I told you that.”

Chanyeol looked both desperate and defeated, seeming to search for more excuses only to come up empty. So he pouted and whined some more.


“It’s almost four.” Sehun said suddenly, looking at his phone. “I told them we’d be there by five. We should go soon.”


Despite all of Chanyeol’s huffing and puffing, he finished off his own cocoa and muffin as Sehun did. Once they were done, they pulled on their coats and scarves left the warmth of the café.


It was good that the bus stop wasn’t too far from the café but it sucked that they had to wait in the cold. They had only been outside for five minutes but Sehun already felt like he had ice in his veins. Chanyeol, who had been completely silent during the walk, simply opened his coat and gestured for Sehun to join him inside. The younger boy quickly complied, clinging to his boyfriend and letting the other’s warmth seep into his body.

They stood like that for a few long moments, holding each silently. After a while, Chanyeol finally spoke up.

“What if I screw things up?” He said quietly. Sehun hummed a question, too comfortable to move his face from Chanyeol’s chest to talk properly.

“What if…what if I meet them and I just mess everything up for you somehow….” He sighed and rested his chin on Sehun’s head. “You can’t come live with me if they see me as a burden to you…Or maybe they won’t trust me enough. They’ll think I’m just some pervert or some- ow!”

Chanyeol rubbed his butt where Sehun had pinched.

“They’ll like you, now hush.”

Chanyeol was ready to fight it some more but he held back as the bus arrived at their stop.


Sehun could tell that the closer they got to his house, the more nervous Chanyeol became. Though he didn’t say much, his eyes where wide with worry and the hand that held Sehun’s was clammy.

“Relax hyung, it’s going to be ok. They seemed eager to meet you when I told them I was bringing you over.”

“Oh god, Sehun you got their hopes up-“

“Hyung.” Sehun squeezed the taller boy’s hand and smiled. A beat later, Chanyeol hesitantly smiled back.

Soon enough, they were outside Sehun’s house and Chanyeol tried to look happy but in reality he looked ready to pass out.

“Oh yeah,” Sehun started as he pulled out his key. “There’s something else I wanted to tell you before I forget.”

“What is it….” Chanyeol asked cautiously.

“Your parents have double shifts tomorrow right?” Chanyeol nods. “But you’re off?” Another nod. “Good. Then our first time can be at your place tomorrow.”

Sehun gives Chanyeol a quick peck on the cheek and no time to react as he opens the door.

“Mom, Dad, we’re here!”

I tried to put effort into this, I really did.
however I feel like crap.
today was just not my day.
really a wonderful way to start something off.

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